"Setting out on the voyage to Ithaca you must pray that the way be long, full of adventures and experiences."
- Constantine Peter Cavafy "Ithaca"
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TRAVEL THRU HISTORY publishes stories featuring the historical, archaeological, and cultural aspects of a destination. We also accept stories about literary journeys and exotic adventures. Stories should convey a strong sense of place so the reader can experience the destination.

Transport our readers to these fascinating places, explore the ruins. Travel should be a journey of discovery, which often is a journey back in time. Research details and make sure they are accurate.

Give a sense of the atmosphere, place and ambience, an insight into life in other countries and cultures. Don't forget to put the people in your picture.

It's fun to explore the lives of our favourite authors, artists, musicians. Take us on a journey down the roads they travelled, to the places they hung out in and got their inspiration. Provide some background information on them and perhaps a picture of them too.

Whether it's a trek in the Himalayas or a camel ride on the Sahara, we want to be there with you. Make it as exciting as it was for you. And don't forget to let us know the requirements (physical, etc.) for such an adventure.

These are creative non-fiction vignettes of your travel experiences. Why where you there? What did it mean to you? What did you learn from it?

Take us with you as you stroll the streets of fascinating cities you have visited. Introduce us to the history of the city, the people, and the interesting places you visited there.


For all stories, well-researched content is a must. We want to smell the aromas, taste the food, explore the streets and hidden paths, and meet the people who call this destination home. Please provide a side-bar with destination or site information. Stories can vary in length from 500 to 1500 words.

Previously published work is accepted as long as the author owns the copyright.

We are looking for new writers who want to establish their travel journalism careers. Please include a short bio and links to your travel blog or website which will be published along with the article.

We offer our writers a modest honorarium for articles we publish. Stories of 500 to 900 words - $10; 1000 words or more - $15; Features - $25. Payment is made by cheque, money order or Paypal on publication.

When we pay you for your story, we are buying FIRST NORTH AMERICAN SERIAL RIGHTS. After 90 days you are at liberty to submit your story elsewhere but once we have paid for it, we will NOT remove from the TRAVEL THRU HISTORY site.

Submit all queries or include your article in the body of an email or as an attached text or DOC file to: submissions[at]travelthruhistory[dot]com. (Please note that you will have to change the [at] & [dot] in the address to the correct protocol in the To: field of your email.)


♦ Photos should set the scene, showing specific items of interest as they relate to your narrative.
♦ Your story must be accompanied by up to four .jpg photographs of good computer quality.
♦ If possible, photos should be sized at 72 DPI with a maximum width and height of 350 pixels, but if that's not possible, we can re-size them.
♦ Photos must be submitted as separate attached .jpg files. Please do not embed them into documents.
♦ Provide photo credit(s) at the bottom of your article, ensuring you have permission to use the photographs if they are not your own. It's your responsibility to ensure there are no copyright infringements.
♦ Authors must be able to provide model releases of any recognizable persons in case we need to request them.
♦ If you have more than one photo, name and/or number the files (e.g. stanleypark1.jpg) and if you want them to go into a particular place in your story, include the instructions e.g. [STANLEYPARK1 PHOTO HERE] within your text.
♦ A numbered 'key' to the photos, with short captions should be appended to the end of your article.
♦Please do not send photos or graphics until we have responded to your query.